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A Place Where
Multiplers Connect

For most of us, intentional connection and friendship gets lost in the grind. The Cohort makes connection possible and purposeful. We invite you to apply for one of our cohort opportunities and grow as a multiplier. A multiplier is someone who is in the process of being formed into the image of Christ for the sake of others.

A few of the great companies and oganizations represented in the Cohort.

What is The Cohort

The Cohort exists to help you multiply your impact. Your capacity as a leader and follower of Jesus is directly impacted by your connection to God and others. Your health as a leader is determined by your habits. The design of The Cohort helps you build relationships and rhythms that strengthen your faith and develop you as a leader. Through your participation in one of our Cohort opportunities, your capacity will be multiplied for the sake of those God has given you to steward.

Each cohort meets once a week for a designed number of weeks, typically virtually, Apply now and change the trajectory of your life.

The Impact

The Cohort is also an opportunity to be intentional about your impact. Our team helps build a network of like-minded leaders who are multiplying the gospel around the world. Through MULTIPLi Global, the Cohort is inviting you to financially partner with projects and people who are solving problems in nations like Peru, India, Kenya, and Pakistan. In the next decade, our vision is to connect at least 100 global multipliers to resources and relationships that will help them multiply the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Blankets for widows in India. School resources for boys in Pakistan. Food program for single moms in Peru. Leadership conferences for emerging business leaders in Kenya. This is an example of the impact we’ve empowered through Cohort partners in the past decade. Many of our Cohort partners invest monthly or make one time investments into the global work of MULTIPLi. Your investment impacts our global partners and the people they serve. When you join the Cohort and invest with purpose, you are truly a multiplier. Thank you in advance. We are grateful for the way God is connecting us with neighbors and nations.


If you have any questions you can email