A Place Where Leaders Connect.

A multiplier is someone who is in the process of being formed into the image of Christ for the sake of neighbors and nations. With one-third of the world having no access to the gospel, there is a great wave of leaders who are connecting around one passionate purpose: to multiply the great commandment and the great commission.


The Invitation

The MULTIPLi Cohort is designed for kingdom-minded leaders like you.


The Cohort provided the opportunity to connect with other Godly men and have access to resources that have helped me stand up and stand out for God

Jeb HuckebaFCA County Director

As a mom with an infant and toddler and a full-time job I need connection and prayer! I appreciate Multipli for providing an opportunity to meet with other women online to pray, share insights from Scripture, and build friendships. I feel seen and loved.

Rachel GernerContent Strategist University of Arkansas

In The Cohort I went from a content position in my relationship with Christ to a sprouting, fulfilling, and meaningful relationship with the most Holy of Holies

Jake IrwinAugustana College

Joining The Cohort showed me the importance of community in my life and how life giving it truly is. I began to notice how much my soul was touched and refreshed by meeting with other men of the faith in this cohort.

Kyle GuthrieCenter for Mission Mobilization
A few of the great companies and oganizations represented in the Cohort.

What is The Cohort

Your capacity as a leader and follower of Jesus is directly impacted by your connection to God and others. Your health as a leader is determined by your habits. The purpose of The Cohort is to help you build relationships and rhythms that strengthen your faith and develop you as a leader. Through the twelve weeks of the Cohort, your capacity will be multiplied through the connections you make with others.

Each cohort meets once a week for 12 weeks, typically virtually, Apply now and change the trajectory of your life.

The Impact

Although The MULTIPLi Cohort is designed for kingdom-minded leaders to flourish in the U.S, it is also an opportunity to help build a network of like-minded leaders who are multiplying the gospel around the world. We invite each Cohort member to invest in their journey, and in doing so, you are also investing in the leaders and partners of MULTIPLi.

Your monthly investment goes to supporting MULTIPLI’s Global partners. By financially investing in the Cohort, you are directly helping spread the gospel in places like Peru, Kenya, Pakistan, India, and the USA.

The Investment

We recognize that not everyone is in a financial position to make this kind of investment. However, if you are, we recommend between $50-$150/month. To put your investment into perspective, with $250/month we are able to fund one global partner nearly 100%.

Our vision is to fund 100 global partners in the next decade. Your investment not only impacts our global partners and the people they serve, but it provides you access to future Cohort opportunities and covers the expenses of your books and other tools. Thank you in advance. We are grateful for the way God is connecting us with neighbors and nations.

Click the button below and fill out the brief form so we can contact you prior to our next Cohorts launching. If you have any questions you can email multipliglobal@gmail.com